Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!

Last month, we surveyed over 50,000 xHamster users and asked them to describe their perfect woman. We asked them about height, hair color, and the shape of her body.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams, now live on Instagram!

Shy is a 25-year-old, 5’5 feet tall woman with long, dark hair and deep blue eyes. And she’s bisexual. She’s also our new ambassador, and so we hope that you, our Pygmalions, will welcome your very own Galatea.
Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Below, let’s look at how your xHamster DreamGirl stacks up.

Since we have nearly 25% of users who identify as bisexual, it make sense that Shy would be bi as well. Over 40% of respondents wanted her to be sexually fluid — labels didn’t matter.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!xHamster users all had different ideas as to what race Shy should be — but the two most popular were White and Asian, so we’ve created a multiethnic Eurasian beauty.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Blondes may have more fun, but our users gravitated toward darker haired woman, with longer hair and a bit of body.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!For most, eye color didn’t matter so much. We’d like to think that it’s because it’s what’s inside that counts, but let’s be frank: this is a porn site. Still, blue eyes lead the way.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Our Goldilocks respondents didn’t want Shy too short or too tall. At 5’5’ we’ve made her … just right.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!And no one really wanted anyone too skinny. Most of our respondents are into curvy women, and we love that!

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!We also asked if users wanted her to be a feminist. Fully 40% supported a feminist fantasy woman, almost double what surveys of general population say, especially since many of the respondents were likely men.

All that said … a feminist doesn’t need men’s permission to have a viewpoint!. So you’ll just have to see how strong Shy is when you meet her.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Of course, even feminists shave these days — more than 50% chose this option.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Created by xHamster users, Shy is here and she is as real as it gets.

Subscribe to her Instagram page and check the first pictures here!

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!
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Straight Pride? Maybe Not That Straight

June is Pride Month, so we did a deeper dive into what LGBTQ people are viewing on xHamster. And along the way, we found a few interesting things about straight people (hint: they’re not always that straight!)

According to a 2016 Gallup poll, only 3.8% of Americans identify as LGBTQ. That closely matches what our own survey of 11K xHamster users said, which clocked a little higher at — 4.06% identified as gay or lesbian.

And yet, only 67.7% identified as straight. Maybe researchers are asking the wrong question. Or maybe people are just more open when a browser is set to incognito.

Straight Pride? Maybe Not That StraightAs we’ve noted before, 22.4% of respondents self-identified as bisexual. And another 4.7% or so identified as “Other” — all of which leaves a lot of wiggle room when the lights are out.

That’s nearly 33% of the population — much closer to the 37% people with homosexual experiences identified by Kinsey in the 1940s.

And even the ones that identified as “heterosexual or straight” weren’t being entirely forthcoming.

We broke out the viewing patterns of those who identified as “straight,” “gay” and “bi” separately. (Remember, this isn’t mysterious traffic data — these are people self-reporting how they see themselves and what they watch.)

We asked each group what type of content they “commonly” watch. Here’s what we found:

Straight Pride? Maybe Not That StraightOf straight respondents, the following percentages of purely heterosexuals reported watching LGBTQ content:

4.22% watch gay male porn
11.3% watch bisexual porn
29.67% watch lesbian porn
15.07% watch trans porn

“But, but, but” … say the Twinkie defensive. That’s straight men watching lesbian videos, and lesbians watching gay videos, just like in the K1ds Are Alright, right? Wrong.

Here’s how it is when we looked exclusively at men:
Straight Pride? Maybe Not That StraightThe numbers are pretty much the same.

Straight women are even more fluid.

Straight Pride? Maybe Not That StraightAnd it’s worth noting that gay men watch less lesbian content than straight men watch gay male content. What letters should we use for that????

Maybe rather than creating a straight pride parade, straight people should just get a float in the gay one!

“No matter what people say about their sexuality, the data doesn’t lie,” says Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. “The survey shows that sexuality is a continuum, and that ‘straightness’ and ‘gayness’ are constructs that don’t actually match up cleanly with sexual desire. But that’s the beauty of sex and porn — we allow people to explore beyond labels.”

Either way, happy pride!
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Creators Calling! Start making money with us!

xHamster issuing a global call for content creators and artists, professionals and amateurs, producers and models. We are launching the new program to help you make money on what you produce.

Creators Calling! Start making money with us!One account – many possibilities:
• You can promote your paysite or clipstore on xHamster & get sales on your site from a banner under your videos. Posting on xHamster is 100% free
• Want to sell your video? Upload your videos, set your own price and get paid
• Become a cam model: launch your own late-night cam show, grow your fanbase, and start generating income
Creators Calling! Start making money with us!Get free traffic, sell your videos or start a cam show! Don’t wait — join now!
(Note: If you don’t yet have a Producer’s account on xHamster, please register a new one as a Creator)
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Tags on the Upload Section

Dear Uploaders,

We are constantly working on improving your user experience, so we’ve simplified that tagging process — you can now tag the videos while you’re categorizing them. Everything can now be done during the upload process.

Tags make your content more visible on xHamster , so let us know your thoughts — and if you’d like us to add any other features.
Tags on the Upload SectionMore to come!
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New video page design

Hi xHamster Fam!

We’ve updated the video page based on your feedback.
We’ve now moved the title, category and tag blocks and placed them above the player. They are more clearly visible and it’s easier to click on!
We’ve put your views and rating there as well. Just as you asked, everything is in one place.
New video page design You can also go there to subscribe to your fav producer, a pornstar or a user directly.
New video page designAdditionally we’ve optimized the space with your buttons (likes, comments, favourites), followed by the “About” dropdown section.

We thank you for all the input that has gotten us here. Please share your thoughts below on the updated design and usability so we can continue to improve!
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Champions League Final 2019: YNWA

London and Liverpool fans really respected the Champions League Final — we noticed a significant traffic dip in both cities compared to average. (-14.4% and -35% correspondingly).

Champions League Final 2019: YNWAHowever, Liverpool clearly had the most spirit and support (the traffic drop in Liverpool during the game was more than double the one in London) — was that what brought the club to the grand final!? YNWA!

Of course, there was something that actually drove searches on Saturday night — Kinsey Wolanski, the Champions League streaker! Searches for Kinsey scored on xHamster — increasing by a factor of x 28.5!

Ole, ole, ole! You go, girl!

Champions League Final 2019: YNWA
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In Solidarity with Iggy Azalea

In Solidarity with Iggy AzaleaSearches for pop star Iggy Azalea have spiked on xHamster in the past 24 hours, due to the leak of nude photos from a GQ photoshoot. While the photos have not yet appeared on xHamster, the site has said that it will vigilantly patrol user uploads to make sure that the photos do not appear on xHamster.

“While there’s nothing shameful about nudity, non-consensual photography or video is a violation of Iggy’s rights,” says Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. “As we have done in the past in similar cases, we will increase our patrol of Iggy and relevant keywords, and are asking our community to alert us should they spot the photos.”

xHamster has also reached out to Iggy Azalea’s management team to find ways to collaborate on Iggy’s defense, including blocking her as a search term.


Alex Hawkins
Vice President,
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Jada's Search Increased on xHamster

Jada Pinkett’s Porn Addiction Claims Causes Search Surge

Searches for Jada Pinkett-Smith surged in the past day, after the star revealed that she watched a lot of porn while single.

Pinkett-Smith told her daughter and mother that, before she met Will Smith, she watched A LOT of porn … even calling it addiction, before correcting herself.

Evidently, the thought of “Jada” and “Porn” triggered a lot of fantasies, because searches for Jada Pinkett-Smith nearly doubled in the past 24 hours, growing an astounding 426%.
Jada's Search Increased on xHamster“Perhaps users were searching for videos she commented on, or perhaps they were looking to see if she’d uploaded any of her own,” said Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster. “Our audience of women has grown rapidly over the past year, and our users really strive to create, high-quality, engaging porn. If she ever feels like giving it a try again, we’re here for her!”
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Traffic Drop During Ramadan

Traffic Drop During RamadanMuch of the Muslim world is celebrating Ramadan, and in countries from Saudi Arabia to the Netherlands, traffic is dropping precipitously. The annual month-long observance includes a ban on masturbation — take that, #NoFappers — and last year we saw a decline of 9.3% worldwide, and 2% in the US. Someone bring Mia Khalifa back, PLEASE!

The biggest drops in 20 Muslim-majority countries, by percentage:

Algeria (-76.1%)
Yemen (-74.6%)
Egypt (-74.2%)
Libya (-74.1%)
Afghanistan (-66.6%)
Tunisia (-61.9%)
Palestine (-61.2%)
Jordan (-57.7%)
Saudi Arabia (-53.2%)
Kuwait (-48.1%)
Syria (-47.2%)
Indonesia (-44.9%)
Turkey (-40.7%)
Iraq (-39.1%)
Qatar (-38.7%)
Malaysia (-35.5%)
Lebanon (-34.5%)
United Arab Emirates (-27.8%)
Oman (-27.08%)
Iran (-14.3%)
Morocco (-11.8%)

Iran and Morocco — your pillars of Islam are looking a bit flaccid. (Even if other parts aren’t!)

Below, you can see the drop graphically, by total number of visitors.

Traffic Drop During Ramadan“We admire the devotion of our Muslim users, but business-wise we can’t wait for Ramadan to be over,” says Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. “Luckily, we’re seeing that not everyone can hold out a full month. A week into the observance, and numbers in many countries are slowly ticking up.”

Alex Hawkins
Vice President, xHamster
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No Sex? Yes xHamster!

Alyssa Milano’s #SexStrike is having the opposite effect on xHamster these days!

Recently the activist and star took to Twitter to call for a sex strike to protest abortion laws.

Milano’s call has caused a dramatic rise in searches for on xHamster. Since her tweet, searches for Milano have increased 112% on our beloved platform.

“We saw it coming” said Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster. “Sex strikes may hurt everyday men and women, but they sure benefit xHamster. And they’ve only increased Milano’s appeal on our website, now that men know they can’t have her. Her searches spiked immediately on xHamster, your Google for porn.”
No Sex? Yes xHamster!
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#MomsBeforeMILFsData shows that searches for the terms “MILF” and “Mom” have risen almost 20% in the US in the last year and that's why xHamster is launching #MomsBeforeMILFs.

We want to give our users a friendly reminder on this special day.

“This is just a hilarious way to connect with our users and surprise them when they least expect it,”, says Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster. “It’s so contradictory for an adult site to promote this message on Mother’s Day, and we are sure our users will love it as much as we did.”

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The Earth Can’t Wait — So Masturbate!

Today is Earth Day, so we thought it’d be cool to share some Earth-conscious masturbation tips with you.

After all, we want pheromones rising, not oceans!

So today, let’s practice ways of rewarding our own nature, while preserving Mother Earth.

The Earth Can’t Wait — So Masturbate!Remember that masturbation releases dopamine and endorphins, and happy people are less prone to marketing tricks. Masturbate now and start buying responsibly!

So get down (to Earth!) and enjoy your self-pleasure!
Share your ideas about conscious masturbation in the comments below!

Environmentally yours,
The xHamster Team
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Easter Searches We Can’t Unfind

Is there nothing sacred to porn users? We looked at searches from xHamster users over the Easter holiday and found that, yes, Eggs, Bunnies, and even Easter itself skyrocket in the days leading up to the holiday. He has risen, indeed.

Perhaps the only thing more shocking? The number of videos our users have actually made using Easter eggs.

Below, searches for the three terms worldwide in the days leading up to Easter.
Easter Searches We Can’t UnfindEaster Searches We Can’t UnfindEaster Searches We Can’t Unfind
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2019 xHamster Report on Digital Sexuality, Part 2

2019 xHamster Report on Digital Sexuality, Part 2: Religion

Are very religious people secretly kinkier than the rest of us? A casual look at searches from users in religious areas like Utah and Alabama *might* give us some insight — or then again it could just show the heathens. So, this spring, we set out to explore the question in our second release of data from the 2019 xHamster Report on Digital Sexuality.

Earlier this year, over a three day period, we asked 11,000 visitors to xHamster a series of questions about who they were, what they watched, and how they felt about it. We also asked them how they identified religiously.

The answers were more surprising than we had thought — religious users turn out to be some of the biggest spenders in porn, much of it on cams and VR. And, lucky for the porn industry, nearly 10% of our user base identifies as “very religious,” despite watching some very unholy videos!

2019 xHamster Report on Digital Sexuality, Part 2Overall, 8.85% of all respondents described themselves as “very religious,” (Women porn viewers were significantly more likely, at 13.1%).

Very religious users were more likely to be married, and more likely to identify as heterosexual. They were more likely to identify as “far right” or “conservative” and to live in the South. They were less likely to be having regular sex of any kind (about 35% said they had sex “rarely or never” and an additional 14.5% said it was only “a few times a year.”)

As expected, right? But that’s when things got weird. Because it turns out that religious people really don’t like gay stuff, but really do like VR and cams — and are spending lots of money on porn.

2019 xHamster Report on Digital Sexuality, Part 2The very religious were 44% more likely than average to rank “virtual reality” porn among their go-tos, and 40% more likely to watch “live cams.” They’re much bigger fans of softer, studio-produced videos, and much less likely to enjoy sinful content like gangbangs, BDSM and bisexual content.

And despite the fact that they showed a marked distaste for amateur content, they were MUCH more likely to believe that the porn they watch is real.

2019 xHamster Report on Digital Sexuality, Part 2When presented with the statement “I think porn is an accurate portrayal of real world sex,” very religious viewers were more than twice as likely to say that those horny stepsisters were an accurate portrayal of real life.

The number jumped when we compared them more specifically to non-religious types, like atheists and agnostics — in which case very religious viewers were four times more likely to say porn was real.

2019 xHamster Report on Digital Sexuality, Part 2Now, maybe we’re jaded because we work in the industry. But we sort of assumed that everyone knew that when you order a pizza with extra sausage, you get … a pizza with extra sausage.

Then again, if you’re not having sex so much, you don’t have much to compare porn to.

Something else we noticed? Our very religious viewers weren’t getting a lot of good sex ed. A majority of the very religious — 64% — said their formal sex education, like parents or schools, was adequate for understanding adult sexuality.

Not surprisingly, the very religious were also twice as likely as the general population to identify parents or family as their main source of sex and sexuality.

2019 xHamster Report on Digital Sexuality, Part 2Now, it might be too much to ask religious parents to tell their flock that porn is natural, kind and good. But would it be too much to tell them it’s not real?

2019 xHamster Report on Digital Sexuality, Part 2There are consequences to this lack of sex ed. Without an adequate framing for porn — either through real sex ed, or with an actual partner — the religious feel much more shame about their sexuality.

Nearly half (45%) were conflicted about the porn they watch, and that number jumps when you look more narrowly at specifics like gay or BDSM content.

2019 xHamster Report on Digital Sexuality, Part 2These numbers have a gender gap as well. Those most likely to feel anxiety about the porn they watch? Very religious, heterosexual women of color, nearly 70% of whom feel anxiety about watching porn. We’ve got to do better at teaching women that porn isn’t shameful!

Perhaps another driver of anxiety is the amount of money that very religious people spend on porn.

2019 xHamster Report on Digital Sexuality, Part 2The very religious were more than twice as likely to be big spenders — nearly 7% report spending over $1000 on porn in the past year.

Of course, even there they were conflicted. While they tend to spend more than average in large amounts, they were also less likely to spend moderate amounts, and more likely to spend nothing at all. The madonna/whore complex in action?

For more info on this or other survey data, contact:

Alex Hawkins
Vice President, xHamster
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Brienne of Tarth Slaying Fans in Style

Brienne of Tarth Slaying Fans in StyleThe stars of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" saga got together on Wednesday night at the “Game of Thrones” Season 8 premiere in New York City. The red carpet has welcomed them all, but there was one particular star whose look stole the show — and made the fans bend the knee.

Gwendoline Christie showed up to the red carpet – and set both Twitter and xHamster fans into a frenzy of praise and wank admiration.

In just a few hours, searches for Gwendoline Christie aka Brienne of Tarth jumped 426%. This is what we call slaying the Internet!

The “Game of Thrones” is back on Sunday, April 14, and we can’t wait to see who’s gonna take the Iron Throne — and xHamster searches. For now, it seems this part purely belongs to Gwendoline.

For the throne!
Brienne of Tarth Slaying Fans in Style
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She’s a Hustler, Baby!

Jennifer Lopez is stunning at 49 — this is of no doubt. She's never been a stranger to baring some skin, either. And all that work is paying off … hard.

After she debuted a recent Instagram post showing off her chiseled abs, xHamster fans can’t get enough of Jenny.

xHamster data team reports 67% increase since the recent drop of her bikini photo, perhaps fueled by threesome fantasies.

“Jennifer Lopez has always been one of our most searched for celebrities,” said Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster. “At 49, you’d expect her to be moving into GILF territory, but she still looks as tight as ever. Jenny, if you ever need some extra rocks … call us!”

She’s a Hustler, Baby!
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xHamster with Cream™

xHamster has always been a virtual home for the porn community — and now, it’ll be a physical one, too!

Introducing xHamster with Cream™, a new line of 18+ coffee shops featuring hot espresso and coffee drinks, juicy smoothies, glazed morning buns, thick breakfast sausages and your choice of creampies.

Best of all? The wifi will always be free and unfiltered.

“With the increasing restrictions online — digital censorship in the UK and China, porn taxes in the US, bans on adult content on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, porn fans need a safe haven to get their fix,” says Alex Hawkins, Vice President of Retail Development.

xHamster with Cream™ will provide customers with hot beverages and hotter content,” says Hawkins. “Plus, with Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz stepping down to run for US President, we sensed a market opportunity.”

In the past few years, more and more mainstream restaurants, including Starbucks, have installed filters blocking adult content on their wifi.

Hawkins says the first outpost of the xHamster with Cream™ chain will be in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, home to many adult production studios. Additional locations, including Las Vegas, Berlin, San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Washington, DC are scheduled for 2020 openings.

“We looked for locations with unusually high porn consumption,” says Hawkins. “They’re desperate for a fix.”

Hawkins promises the xHamster with Cream™ bathrooms will be large and private, with strong wifi connections even with a closed door.

While xHamster with Cream™ menus will vary from location to location, xHamster has released a secret menu for the San Fernando Valley’s April 1 opening.

xHamster with Cream™
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International Transgender Day of Visibility

International Transgender Day of Visibility
International Transgender Day of Visibility
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UK Facing a “Sexit” of Porn Users

The new age-verification regulations scheduled to take effect in April will lead to a “Sexit” of UK users, half of whom said they would not comply, and would instead choosing VPNs or other work-arounds to avoid entering personal data, according to our study of over 25K xHamster users in Britain.

xHamster is complying with the regulations, and will introduce its own age-verification methods upon the announced date.

We conducted our 2019 Age-Verification Compliance Study over the course of six days in March, asking UK visitors to the site whether they were aware of the regulations, whether they planned to comply, and which methods they would use to do so.

“We launched this survey to help us understand how our own visitors planned to react, and were shocked by the large number we saw who were not planning to comply, which is why we are releasing this report.” said Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. “We are eager to work with the BBFC to help them find ways to better encourage compliance with the regulations.”

Given the attention given to the regulations in the UK, the answers surprised our data team. Nearly half the users surveyed were not even aware of the existence of such regulations.
UK Facing a “Sexit” of Porn UsersOnly 16.1% described themselves as “very aware” of the regulations, with another 25.5% describing themselves as “somewhat aware.”

The vast majority of users were unsure if they would comply with the law, with only a minority (34.5%) saying they would definitely comply.
UK Facing a “Sexit” of Porn UsersMost users were still unsure if they would comply with the law. Regardless of their feelings about the regulations, a firm 25% of each said they would definitely not comply. Those who were aware of the regulations were more likely to comply, rising to about 40% — with about a third still unsure.

Privacy Concerns
The biggest issue faced was privacy concerns over data. Nearly 75% of respondents identified it as a major concern, with the fear of government intrusion following at 63%.
UK Facing a “Sexit” of Porn UsersRespondents under 34 were significantly more likely to have concerns about nearly every aspect, and were twice as likely as older users to be concerned about added cost, and the possible restriction of other content, such as social media.

Older people were also more likely to believe the regulations could be effective, although overall the number who felt the regulations would be completely effective was less than 5%. The majority of all respondents, 59.1% did not believe the regulations would be effective.
UK Facing a “Sexit” of Porn UsersThose who opposed the restrictions were also the most likely to believe they would not be at all effective. Of those who opposed the regulations, approximately 84% said they would be unsuccessful. They also — perhaps unsurprisingly — were the most likely to say they would not verify.
UK Facing a “Sexit” of Porn UsersWhen presented with options, 47.2% of all users said they wouldn’t verify with the new system. Even among those who supported the legislation, 17% said they would not actually use the verification themselves.

A similarly small percentage of those who oppose the regulations, around 20%, say they will actually verify despite their opposition.

Most users who intend to get around the system plan to do so using a VPN, a number that rises significantly among the young, and those who oppose the regulations.
UK Facing a “Sexit” of Porn UsersA surprising number say they will give up on online porn that requires such age-verification, likely instead to focus on file-sharing sites, social media or offline adult material — or perhaps swearing off porn altogether.

A majority of respondents said that, given the option of a VPN or offline, non-age-verified material, they’d go around the system — what we at the xHamster Data Center have termed a Sexit, in which vast numbers of adult content users either abandon regulated sites, or use a VPN to avoid detection by British authorities.

“We support efforts to limit access to adult material by under 18s, and we will be complying with the UK regulations,” said Hawkins. “However, the data seems to show that a vast majority of porn users will abandon the UK regulations, either by leaving UK internet space, or by abandoning online content altogether. Such a “Sexit” of nearly 60% of current adult content consumers has major implications, not just for adult sites, but for the BBFC which has designed the regulations.

Alex Hawkins
Vice President, xHamster
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Steak and Blowjob Day — The Top ‘Chefs’!

Well, well, well! Congratulations to everyone who uploaded videos to our Steak and Blowjob contest! You guys are all crazy, wild at heart — and certainly love meat!

We’re sending a big juicy kiss to everyone who followed the rules and uploaded BJ videos on March 13-14. An excellent job! (Of the variety called ‘blow,’ of course!)

Your videos had our team panting, clapping and — in some cases, heading for some, er, private time. However, there was one that stood out for its creativity, style and intense focus.

Ladies and gentlemen, please congratulate the Aijo-joy couple - the first ever winners of the xHamster Palme d'Or for BJs.
They’ll be presented with a gift certificate to a steak house in their native Munich!
Your unleashed creativity sparks JOI and inspires us! Kudos to you all and keep going!
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